How To Seduce Women Fast

Women in general are very hard to attract but how to seduce women fast is a whole new thing. Use this difficulty to your advantage and learn the tricks to keep a lioness tame.

Be a friend first. The key to pursuing a woman is becoming her friend initially. Being a friend to her will make her crave for your presence whenever something is troubling her. She will not associate negative behaviors to you because some women only do this to their partners. If you become closer and establish positive friendship traits, you can then move forward into becoming her lover. It takes some time but if she is worth it, you will try.

Establish your stand as a man and do not let her lash out on you. One of the tricks is the rubber band effect relationships. Be with her during times when she’s not being difficult, but the moment she becomes too difficult to handle, get a breather and don’t talk for a few hours. She will come back apologizing and will do her best not to become too difficult again. Your patience is the rubber band and the moment you snap back, she’ll be the one going after you.

You can also try to focus more on her not-so-difficult side. If the woman you want to seduce tends to be very workaholic and too career-oriented but loves her cat, buy treats for her cat or a new cat bed. If she is the one who finds it hard to make decisions on where to eat, you make the decisions beforehand. Plan the day ahead and avoid the difficulty of dealing with her indecisiveness disorder. This will save you another fight.

There are other ways on how to seduce women fast but keep in mind that they are women, already difficult in the first place.

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