How To Pick Up Any Woman

It is not easy for all men to attract a woman if he has no background on how to pick up any woman. Women are complex creatures and it takes your skill and knowledge to handle them.

When you talk to a woman for the first time, let her do all the talking. Be interested in her. Most women enjoy sharing about their lives so it is important for her to have someone who is a good listener. Engage yourself in the conversation and look her in the eyes while doing so. It is a cliché move but it works because it shows sincerity. Interrupt politely once in a while and ask relevant questions so she knows that you are paying attention. Women don’t just want to be heard, they want to be understood.

When attempting to pick her up, give her positive reinforcement psychology for every action that she does that you are in favor of. If you just met her for the first time, and she brushes your arm during a conversation, order a drink for her. If she compliments you, offer her chewing gum candy or mints. These rewards will make her associate her actions with these positive reinforcements. This should be done subtly and creatively so she will keep on doing the actions that you like.

Before going out, make sure you are wearing your best colors. Wearing your best self not only means that you should look dapper all the time but has something to do with being positive. A positive person attracts good vibes and eventually will help you pick women up. No one wants to go home with the grumpy guy talking crap about his boss. Women will go home with someone whom she thinks can give her a good time.

Try all these tips on how to pick up any woman and watch yourself become the ladies’ man.

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