How To Discuss With Girls

In the age of Tinder and Cupid, guys are finding it difficult to find ways on how to discuss with girls. The art of conversation has deteriorated into simple hashtags and misspelled text messages. Be a gentleman and talk to the girl of your dreams in these easy steps.

Get a girl talking is easier than engaging them first in a conversation. One way of talking to them at first is asking for a small favor. If you are alone at a bar, it could be the simplest favor of asking someone to watch over your drink as you go to the men’s room or answer a phone call outside. You don’t have to build an elaborate scheme to talk to a girl, just say “Could you watch over my drink for a second? I will be really quick.” When you get back, you can get her another drink as a form of saying thank you for the favor she has done.

Another way is to ask relationship questions. Ask her if she’s heard of what happened in the news lately. Ask her what she is doing out by herself on a weekend night. Be genuinely curious and be interested with what goes on in another human being’s life.

Another way aside from asking questions is making a statement. You can say it to her in particular or just within her earshot as if soliciting her opinion. If in a bar, you can say how drinks are the best things to do after a long day at work, or you hope the storm won’t stay too long in the city. Simple things she can relate to that can stir a conversation .

It is not that easy how to discuss with girls but once you get started and has kept them engaged, it will not be hard to keep them interested.

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