How To Arouse A Woman

You can always rely on your experiences on how to arouse a woman but you’ll never be sure if these things could work. Men always have that quiet voice at the back of their heads cheering them down whenever they try to turn a woman on. It will never be a certain thing how to turn women on but doubting yourself isn’t one of those.

Begin with simple touches whenever you talk. You don’t have to hold hands immediately to establish physical contact. Start by leaning over her shoulder whenever you say something to her or brush on her knee. Make sure that these actions don’t last too long, otherwise she would just get comfortable and not turned on.

When saying something to her, whisper it to her ear. It can be ticklish for some women but if done correctly this would send shivers lower down her spine. Say something sexy like how she looks perfect in her dress tonight. This is a simple yet effective trick leaving her craving for more.

Kiss to impress and kiss her well. Some men overdo it and think that tongue is the answer. The first kiss’ impression will definitely last so make it good and not French your way into it. Start with a light kiss on her lips, and slowly hold her face. Make sure your hands are holding her face, her nape, or her waist. Do not ease your way into second base yet. Pro-tip: always carry a gum or simply maintain a good oral hygiene for everyone’s convenience.

Remember to give your utmost attention to the girl to keep her turn on a guy like yourself as well. Eyeing another girl in the bar or laughing at guy jokes with your peers isn’t one way to do so. They’re only the first steps on how to arouse a woman and the rest of the way will be paved for you.

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