Best Places To Meet Women On Earth – Men Seeking Women

Women are literally everywhere so where to meet women is not that much of a problem. You cannot step away two blocks from your apartment without seeing a living breathing woman but you never thought it would be reasonable to approach someone in these places. Here are common places, aside from nightclubs, that you never thought would be possible to meet women.

Everyone has become self-conscious lately so gyms have become part of the daily routine of women. Not only do women go to gyms for yoga or pilates, but some women start to lift as well. Offer your sound advice and help her get through her new routine. If you are a regular gym buddy, you will get to know her frequently without going out first. You can casually grab protein shakes afterwards.

What we have learned is that hot women tend to hang out in coffee shops during their downtimes. It isn’t something totally planned so they’re there without actually doing anything aside from being on their laptops or smartphones. Offer a Café Americano refill for the cute girl reading the latest Murakami book and watch her enjoy it as she finishes her book. You may approach her if she has put her book down.

Well, the hodgepodge of all places is a mall. Women go there to finish their errands or simply eat a FroYo and watch people. A lead on how to start a conversation with a woman could simply be by asking her opinion on what to give your sister or cousin for their upcoming birthday. Women are expert shoppers and would most likely give good advice. You can invite her for coffee or snacks as a thank you for her expert opinion.

Meeting women is not so hard. Always be ready to strike up a cheerful conversation and in no time, everywhere on earth will be the place where to meet women.

best places to meet women on earth