Art Of Approaching Women

Want to spend the night with your significant other but you don’t have one because you do not know the art of approaching women? It’s about time to change that and learn to approach women.

Women are literally everywhere. They would not be going out in bars if they are not on a lookout for a mate so it’s not so hard to approach them. Women want the attention as much as you want to approach them.

Confidence is good but women know when men overdo it. Before approaching a woman, wherever it may be, establish eye contact first. Check her out, smile and let her know through your eyes that you notice her. Eye contact is important because you get to see if she notices you as well. Read through her actions if she is responding positively or not. A smile back means you may approach her after a while but if she rolls her eyes out, it’s time to move on.

Okay, confidence works but it doesn’t have to be expressed through words alone. You can exude poise by not slouching and not giving unsure looks. Some men have the tendency to give out a vibe that they are nervous by stuttering or talking about senseless things. Show that you are confident by straightening your back, opening your arms and not crossing them. These are just approaching women tips .

When you have approached a woman, simply say “hi!”. Coming up with silly and creative catchphrases will work if the woman is into your kind of humor but you do not know that yet. Make the conversation about her but try to avoid generic topics such as the weather, unless she works as a weather girl.

Another tip: make sure that you look presentable. Women are not superficial and can fall in love with any funny guy but a man with a good sense of style is also a bonus. As long as good chemistry is present, there is no wrong way on the art of approaching women.

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